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We Are Kona Aloha Singers

The Kona Aloha Singers is a non-sectarian 501 (c)(3) non-profit community chorus which rehearses and performs four-part harmony (SATB) contemporary music.  

Our goal is to both enrich the cultural life of our community and our volunteer members through concert performance opportunities, community and charity events and developing lasting friendships with other chorus members.


Fun Facts About Singing!

Singing enhances life!  Research has shown that singing in a chorus has some tremendous benefits for both your physical and mental well-being. Here are some advantages found in choral singing:

Feel the Togetherness!
Psychologist Nick Stewart of Bath University led research that found people who participate in a chorus enjoy greater feelings of togetherness than others involved in different social activities. Three groups of people were compared for this research.  One group participated in choral singing, the other solo singing and the third group was made up of team sport members. 

Regulate Your Heart Rate!
Researchers also discovered members of a chorus had heart rates that beat in unison in relation to the speed of their breathing. Their heart rates were directly affected by the melody of the music, and the pulses of those tested rose and fell at the same time. The study was based on researchers at the University of Gothenburg.  They concluded that when singing with a chorus, a positive impact on your health happens when reducing the variability of your heart rate. 

Reduce Depression and Stress!
There are a number of studies that have pointed to the mental health benefits of singing. A one-year study involving participants diagnosed with depression found some of them were no longer depressed after becoming involved with a chorus. Other studies have shown the impact group singing has on boosting oxytocin levels, which help control stress and anxiety.

Live Longer!
Surprised to see increased life expectancy is a benefit of choral singing? It's true! A study published in 2008 by Harvard and Yale Universities found that increased life expectancy was the result of a group of people participating in a Connecticut town chorus!

If you’re still not sure or think you’re just not good enough to sing in a chorus, well that’s no excuse! A 2005 study showed that even if the quality of singing is “mediocre,” social, emotional and cognitive benefits are still some of the positive results, proving there really are some major advantages for just participating in your local, community chorus!

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